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New discoveries in Spanish political geography





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The citizens are tired of the political class. Perhaps the source of the problem is precisely that: to form a "class" than that of the rest of society. This problem is aggravated when people chosen and paid by us acts as the lords of the castle. These people in power to satisfy their appetites and their friends: banks, savings banks, major construction companies, etc.. You have to rescue banks, savings banks, and concessionaires of toll roads. To the family that is left on the street who rescues her? It seems obvious to these people who governs.

As in so many other critical issues, which we get juice to the data we are required to make an accurate analysis of the situation. If we also lucky not to collect money from the major political parties and think tanks sponsored by banks and we can even give yourself to be somewhat impertinent.

Currently there are no blank spaces on the maps of our physical geography. This forces us to focus on the unexplored places of social geography, economic and political. After discovering the oasis of employment in crisis, our efforts are now focused on mapping the quality of our local politics. To do this, using official data, identify municipalities with higher spending on salaries for politicians and directors of public companies per capita (brown spots on the map). Then we crossed that data with municipalities with an unemployment rate above average (data that is also an officer). Thus we find that in 294 municipalities (black on the map), citizens are making an effort well above the average to keep their local political class, while unemployment figures suffer outrageous. For us, this result reveals one of the worst forms of political shamelessness.

At the other extreme, confirming the reality that not all politicians are the same, we found 230 municipalities where political spending is very small and get to enjoy such low unemployment rates that could be aligned with those of the more prosperous European countries (green on the map). This finding also deserves to be represented on our map. Thus, it seems clear that the problem is not so much democracy but the corrupt, incompetent and nuts taking advantage of it.

(Note. This link can be accessed methodology: data sources, selection criteria for municipalities and some curious facts)