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Oases of employment in Spain





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There are still blanks in the maps. There are many realities that are only visible thanks to the use of certain indicators and spatial units of analysis. Geography, like mathematics make the invisible visible.

Thus, we have found that it is easier finding shelter for the doomsday that finding areas where a great number of permanent jobs are created, there is a net increase in employment, or a reclaimed municipal accounts. But not all bad news. There is also room for hope, for there are several towns in Andalucía with an unemployment rate lower than in Norway (especially in the province of Jaén), large cities such as Bilbao with an almost perfect balance between income and current debt, or medium-sized cities with an important weight in the local economy sectors currently creating employment (Example: San Sebastian in the Basque Country, Majadahonda near Madrid, or Alcalá la Real and Palma del Rio in Andalucía).

After the unexpected success of anti apocalypse shelter map areas, GeografíaOperativa has mapped the most fertile areas for work. These are municipalities that meet certain conditions related to the creation and quality of employment between 2009 and 2011. Low unemployment rate, presence of sectors that generate employment despite the crisis, the proportion of permanent contracts, and debt of the municipalities, are the indicators used for this analysis of economic geography (Click on any municipality for its indicators).

Due to the end of the world would not occur till the 21st of December in 2012, the map of shelter areas will not be of more use than to lead people to remote areas where having a resting day with the family and friends. However, this map-area anti-crisis shelter is infinitely more important, since many unemployed will consider looking for better places to find work without having to leave their country.

All we know about the cyclical nature of crisis, run away from being so enthusiastic in the good moments and from being discouraged in recession times. At this point it seems clear that we will not get out of this thanks to politicians, bankers and professional charlatans. We will have to be ordinary citizens who come out ahead thanks to our effort. We are getting closer the end of the tunnel, but to find the way out we must know where we are and the ground beneath our feet. On behalf GeografíaOperativa we hope to contribute in some way to it.

Thanks a lot to the more than thirty thousand Internet users from one hundred different countries that have visited our website so far.

Important notice: This study has nothing to do with the Complutense University of Madrid. It is an outreach initiative of a group independent of veteran professionals of geography and economics.

Note: Unfortunately, once again the Canary Islands are not represented in this study. Only the municipality of Valle Gran Rey (5364 inhabitants), west of the island of Gomera, meets the requirements. It is fair to mention here.

Note 2: Methodology, complete list of municipalities represented on the map and employment generating sectors by region.