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Femicide´s map in Mexico





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Women make the world a habitable place, a world which is only decipherable thanks to geography. Many years ago, I had thanks to Mexico, my first professional contact with geography. I still remember the excitement of writing some chapters for an encyclopedia about the natural and cultural wonders of this country. Like in the internet relationships, I fell in love with Mexico, without being there and without knowing it personally.

Currently, I have been again involved with a work related to this great country. Now I am not trying to analyze the biosphere reserves, but shedding some light on the Femicide´s darkness. As it couldn´t be otherwise, the geographic space allows to analyzing with accuracy and rigor the consequences of this drama. The result of this analysis is a map which draws one of the blackest chapters in the history of Mexico.

The problem of the violence against the weakest would never be solved by the most powerful ones, as they do not suffer in their own flesh the suffering that prevails on the streets. People shall not wait to be rescued by the elites. The whole civil society, from the chief drug dealer angry for these deaths till the grandmother who suffers the death of her granddaughter, must be united to stop this nightmare. The victim´s families should know that they are not alone. In Mexico and in the rest of the world the majority of us is by their side.

After a dilated professional background as a geographer, it is my pride to have the opportunity to lead the professional team, who has made possible this map; it would have not been possible to carry it out without the high quality of data provided by the SINAIS and INEGI. In this map has been defined the places where there have been a significant number of young women assassinations (between 14 and 30 years) in the last 11 years, places stained by mourning in memory of these victims. On the other side, as a blink of hope, we have identified those cities in which no case of femicide within this age range has occurred. Besides, in these places the homicide rates are lower upon the whole population (areas of green hope color).

The map is quite precise as to elude a wide descriptive analysis of the safest and more unsafe areas for young women living in México. We will only comment on one piece of information. After several days of non-stop statistical analysis, the last update on the investigation regarding the data base was to order the cities according to their safety, finding out surprisingly that the first one on the list was “Nombre de Dios” (“Name of God”) in the Durango State. One more chance for the most cartesian. A sign for the believers.

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