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2014 Ebola: Where refuge?





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TThe threat of an apocalypse was always there. The consequences are dramatic: the end of the world, death and widespread destruction. However, it is a fear that causes many people a morbid attraction, as evidenced by the success of thousands of movies and comic books based on this theme. From this site devoted to Geography operations, we would like to make a modest tribute to the fans of this genre through an experiment unique in the world geographically. As a result of multicriteria spatial analysis we have define the best areas to survive. I know it, academics of all kind, expert GIS analysts, and other dedicated colleagues lend hands to the head to see this. These are bad times for poetry and often misunderstood a geography professional veteran decides to take a break to bring this ancient science to the general public, running away, if only for a moment, the scientific literature on topics that do not interest almost anyone.

We limited this experiment to Spain by the lack of free global spatial data. However, we believe that this information will be very useful to internet users worldwide. For the success of Spain as a tourist destination, it is clear that for many it is a great destination to escape from a dull life, if only a conditional freedom-type flight.

Clarified the spatial limits of the analysis is necessary to explain in a brief and simple how-built refuge areas on the attached map (blue areas). The fundamental criterion variables used most is the need to escape from the crowds and areas hardest hit by human activity. Metropolitan areas, major roads, coastal tourist areas, critical infrastructure, and etc., are systematically excluded spaces to find the spaces most likely to attach to survival in a wide range of situations in which our species could be at risk. At this point, few doubt the human capacity to destroy itself. For this reason, the occurrence of an apocalypse is very likely that we are the cause. In the short to medium term, it is almost impossible to be victims of our patient and suffered planet, or the different elements that peacefully populate the universe.

The apocalypse, word in its Greek origin means revelation, maybe is near if we consider the many revelations of corruption cases that confront us each day. Do not forget the next historical maximum: all civilizations are born, develop and, more or less traumatic die. The end of the world today that can occur almost without realizing it, so gradually we have to be very careful to find out. In any case, whether or not we have to drive us to the mountain to survive Ebola, or another government PPSOE a zombie attack, the map we provide on this page will allow us to head for places where our chances of survival increase. They are places where you can enjoy fresh, clean air, clean water and curd overnight stars. Does anyone know a better shelter?